Essential Business English

  communication excellence in English, the language of business worldwide


Now Available:  The Essential Handbook For Business Writing

        write understood

      write direct

      write effectively.............make an impression

     write confidently............know your purpose

      write professionally........make an impact

      write convincingly..........generate business

      write your ideas

      write a problem solver


  1.   basic grammar

  2.   composition

  3.   punctuation

  4.   spelling rules

  5. capitalization

  6. enumeration


  1.   preparation for writing

  2.   business letters

  3.   persuasive writing

  4.   30 sample letters

  5.   the press release

  6.   minutes of a meeting

  7.   résumé & cover letter


  1.   terms often confused

  2.   problem usage

  3.   usage rules

  4.   abbreviations

  5.   American, British,  Canadian spelling


  1.   components of a proposal

  2.   components of a report

  3.   one sample proposal

  4.   two sample reports


  1.   fonts, art, design

  2.   page design

  3.   newsletters

  4.   graphs & charts

Good writing is good business.


  1.   194 pages

  2.   — 5 stand-alone sections

  3.   — Simple, brief explanations supported by numerous examples

  4.   — Lesson-on-every-page format: instant learning

  5.   — Samples of various types of business communications

  6. letters   memos   e-mails   text messages   résumé & cover letter

  7. reports & proposals   agenda & meeting minutes  

  8. newsletters      press release    mission statements

— Comprehensive Usage Section explaining common difficulties in English usage

  — Special section: Visual Design for the enhancement of written communication

** Currently on the reading list of Queen’s University School of Business. **

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The five stand-alone units that comprise The Essential Handbook For Business Writing

the business writer’s companion