The Essential Business English (EBE) teaching method is a highly effective, unique teaching model especially designed for businesses. Created by Desmond Gilling, a career educator, the EBE method has been used successfully in adult training for 10 years.

  1. English writing instruction from highly qualified instructors 

  2. Guaranteed improvement in writing proficiency

  3. Unique, proven method of training     (see training)

Boost your corporate image and boost your business worldwide.

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About the author: The Essential Handbook For Business Writing

The global language of business today is English. Therefore, it is critical that managers and employees have a solid command of English, both oral and written. If staff members are native English speaking, this is an opportunity to take their writing skills to a higher level.

English as the other language

If English is the secondary language of your staff and they are moderately functioning communicators in English, it is critical that they improve their writing skills to enable them to conduct business with the highest level of efficiency.

The big difference

Imagine having a highly trained, extensively experienced, professional writing instructor giving small group instruction in business writing to your employees. In a short time your staff will improve their written communications and realize the following: improved business relations with clients, an increase in business, and an impressive representation of your company. Staff members will write clearly, concisely, creatively, and confidently. And, they will understand and be able to employ a variety of written formats to suit their objectives.

Acclaim for an EBE seminar presenter

“...very interesting to listen to with a vast array of subject knowledge. Students were totally stimulated and engaged. Truly great presentation skills.”   

Lucy Valentino, Chair, English Department, Centennial College

English as the language of business worldwide.

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About Essential Business English (EBE)