“This writing handbook has all the ingredients necessary to write well. I particularly like the graphic presentations and the numerous writing examples. I will be introducing this handbook to our Hong Kong office.”

    B. Soong, Vice President, McGraw-Hill Financial

“From now on, before we put together a document, we will refer to this comprehensive handbook exclusively.”

  M. Heydon, Manager & Sr. Account Executive, MWA

“I intend to refer to this handbook often, particularly when putting together a sales letter or proposal. I don’t think there is a better writing handbook on the market anywhere. I will be recommending the training sessions they offer.”

    C. Pollock, Financial Advisor, Sun Life.

“I certainly could have used this in business school. Great writing handbook. Everything you need to know is at your fingertips.”

    J. Earle, C.A., Scotiabank

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Praise for The Essential Handbook For Business Writing

Praise for the EBE Business Writing Training Program

Des Gilling, Director of Essential Business English (EBE), was an invaluable resource to our company.


We found that a number of our staff needed training, both basic and advanced, in the art of “business writing”. Des worked with our staff on a multi-session series of seminars that included a comprehensive overview of everything a person needs to produce consistent written business communication.

One of the primary tools Des used, in addition to the handbook, was the incorporation of individual feedback for each participant. This allowed both the organization and participants to benefit and see clear improvement in their writing. Using the primary tool of The Essential Handbook For Business Writing, participants were delighted with the seminar series. Simply put—this method is “the best”.


Laura Sheehan

Deputy Registrar,