English is now the universal language of business. It is vital that corporations train their management and staff in English writing proficiency. Letters, memos, e-mails, proposals, reports—all business communication requires the best English language usage and structure. To write effectively in English one must have a base knowledge of grammar, usage, and punctuation, and have the ability to craft clear, meaningful sentences. For many—including native English speakers—writing well presents a challenge.

“The predominance of the English language on almost every level of international communication is well established and rather a constructive factor than a negative phenomenon....the English language has become the international communication solution and this will not be reversed.”    The Sunday Times

Our instructors are certified teachers with professional credentials: degrees in English and Education; experience teaching adults; college-level Business English teaching experience; membership in The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), membership in The Association of Business Communication (ABC).


The Essential Business English Writing Seminar

The key to excellence in business writing does not depend merely on a thorough knowledge of grammar; it does not depend simply on the adherence to style elements of good writing; it does not rely solely on knowing the purpose of writing. Writing excellence in business is attained by a balanced blend of all of these.

But what exactly does all this mean?

  1. 1.A successful writing seminar must have clear, measurable objectives: that is, at the end of the training seminar the participants must have substantially improved their business writing skills.

  1. 2.Business writing is really about using literacy to achieve a strategic objective. A high level of literacy is the result of a solid foundation in language basics, the understanding of stylistic writing elements, and the establishment of precise purpose and audience.

The Essential Business English writing seminar is designed to do the following:

  1. 1. Create learning objectives that meet a client’s needs.

  2. 2. Provide a learning atmosphere that is inspiring and conducive to adult learning.

  3. 3. Measure the stated objectives with performance-based criteria.

  4. 4. Create immediate improvement in a client’s professional writing capabilities.

Materials       Methodology       Follow-up

Visual Presentation  ✦ The Skills Book  ✦ The Essential Handbook For Business Writing ✦

Each seminar participant receives a complimentary copy of the handbook, the Skills Book, and additional study materials. The handbook has a lesson-on-every-page structure with numerous examples for instant learning. The skills book offers challenging and stimulating tests and exercises. The supplementary materials include actual writing samples for examination and criticism.

The seminar is made up of classroom-style group lessons with  interactive analyses of writing pieces, a review of basic writing skills, hands-on writing activities, and on-on-one instruction.

As a follow-up to the training session, each seminar participant is invited to forward a personal writing sample for confidential, professional evaluation.

Training sessions are available in-house or off-site. Groups accommodate up to 12 participants.

Refer to Training Schedule and Training Texts for more details.

The EBE training seminar combines five key

interdependent elements of  the business writing process.





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